Vision illumination is a forward-thinking, environmentally conscious designer and manufacturer of high-quality energy efficient lamps and luminaires for commercial and domestic use. We work closely with our customers, tailoring bespoke lighting solutions that match our quality and environmental commitments while offering unrivalled technical support and customer service.

Company History

Vision was founded in 2009 with the aim of producing environmentally sustainable luminaries through innovative, UK based design and manufacture practices. This innovation has helped us achieve strong growth year on year, culminating in recent expansion of our manufacturing facilities to five full floors in our China factory. Whether working on a small domestic project or a large industrial project, constant innovation with a focus on carbon reduction remains the focus of our work.

Our Team

Vision’s team of lighting experts has over forty years design and manufacture experience in the lighting industry. Our team hold several international patents in luminaire design and construction, with a particular expertise in bespoke component design and bespoke assembly methods that allow the use of non-permanent, interchangeable components.

Lighting Consultation

The first stage of our all-encompassing service is the consultation phase. Our team will perform an in-house lighting survey which includes detailed energy use calculations and information on how our products will help your business meet mandatory carbon reduction commitment (CRC) requirements. Calculations will also offer insight into the financial benefits of switching to our energy efficient lighting solutions.

Lighting Design

After consultation, comes design – the core of our full-service offering. Our design specialists use Re-LUX software for interior projects and Lighting Reality software for outdoor and street lighting projects. All of our designs comply with industry standards where appropriate, including BS5489 for road lighting.

Design Process

Our thorough, UK based design process encompasses a number of important steps, from concept to solid-works, before we commit to manufacture. This ensures any issues are discovered early in the project, eliminating the possibility – and high expense – of post-manufacture faults. This is achieved through 2D and 3D AutoCAD, followed by 3D printing of prototypes (including electrical functions). The design process also ensures LM79 photometric testing and LM80 projection testing standards are met. These standards, along with any other required standards are independently verified by industry leading test houses.

Product Realisation and Contract Management Service

Given our thorough design process, product realisation is relatively straightforward. Should your requirements change in any way, you will enjoy access to a dedicated account manager to address your concerns. Along with environmental sustainability, exceptional customer service is the most important aspect of our business. We work closely with all of our clients to ensure their exact, individual requirements are met and relationships remain strong and long-lasting.

Distribution Services

A fast and efficient distribution service is a key component of Vision’s commitment to unrivalled customer service and is a key part of our ISO 9001 certification. Our imprest stock system provides significant accuracy in our stockholding and stock ordering, allowing us to tailor a bespoke distribution solution to each client, whether by sea, air, rail or freight. We also dual source our distribution services to help ensure a lack of dependence on a single supplier.

Environment And Sustainability

Vision and its employees are aware of environmental issues, which not only affect our business activities but also the community as a whole. We accept our responsibilities within that community and pledge to continually revise and improve our practices with a view to reducing our environmental impact. View our full environment and sustainability policy. (link to PDF)

For more information about Vision Distribution Ltd, view our case studies or contact us directly.

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