Bosch Service Centre

Bosch Car Service are a national network of approved independent garages across the UK providing first class service at affordable prices. Recently, the network has been looking at improvements in efficiency, by promoting & implementing various ideas to it’s franchises.

These new sustainable practice’s are to include; alternative power generation, in house power generation, ethical sourcing of consumables & high efficiency equipment. Vision were approached to produce a solar/LED bolt on kit, that would replace all existing lighting and reduce electricity grid reliance. Aiming towards a 80-90% saving in electricity.

The final scheme saw the test facility fitted with a full 90M2 solar roof feeding back to the national grid, 40w Kamana low bays & 40w Resat linear’s for the perimeter lighting. Electricity consumption alone dropped from a previous 8000w down to 1000w, around an 85% reduction. While CRI, uniformity & employee feedback saw significant improvements.

Paired with the solar, the scheme will see payback within a maximum of three months.