Hartlepool Metropolitan Borough Council’s LED rollout starts with an ambitious bid to save its historic high street. Vision were approached in 2013 to design and deliver a sustainable lighting solution that would mark the beginning of the street’s resurrection.

For many years Church Street has sat un-loved and neglected due to major financial difficulties. The crunch of 2009 forced a lot of business’ along the Hartlepool high street to close, leaving many of the properties vacant for the foreseeable future.

Recently Church Street is going through somewhat of a revival, and new restaurants and bars are opening alongside the surviving shops and businesses. Strong links with the train station mean visitors can enjoy the beautiful victorian architecture.

The 250w sodium technology which washed the area with a dull, yellow hue, reflective of the mood of Church Street over the past few years, has been replaced with a crisp white light emanating from a 90w LED source.

The 40 luminaire scheme has saved the street upwards of 7500w, which translates as over £3500.00 per annum.