Flintshire (Sir y Fflint)

Flintshire County Council’s 3 year project to switch over 19000 total assets to LED technology. Vision were proud to be awarded the supply of all luminaires for the project after a successful tender bid from our supplier Snapfast.

The project set out by Flintshire County Council set out to replace 12000 street and road luminaires to LED technology within the first 2 years, with an additional 6000 pieces added in a tender extension at the start of year 3. Also involved was the replacement of all heritage and decorative luminaires around the County, which spans from the North Wales border at Chester, to Wrexham and inland bordering with Denbighshire.

The project was funded via two successful Salix finance bids applied for by the Council using a forecasted energy saving model provided by Salix themselves. The model then is submitted, approved and a zero interest, government backed loan is secured in order for the project to start.

The Vision Valiant luminaire was the predominant specified lantern used in the tender, due to its dexterous lumen outputs, optics and dimming functionality. Meaning it could be fine tuned to suit any required design criteria with minimal time in order to keep the supply chain as efficient as possible, and cater for Flintshire’s many differing road layouts and configurations. As aforementioned this was in addition to producing bespoke products for heritage and architectural sites dotted around the County.

“The Vision lantern covers pathway/cycleway to main road including a comprehensive decorative range in a number of colours and arrangements. The company also supplies an alternative optics to this lantern which is ideal for small areas including car parks and communal areas.” – Darrel Jones, Flintshire

The project is now in its 3rd year and is 2 months from Completion in April 2019, meaning the project will be delivered on schedule thanks to high levels of forward planning and communication between Vision, its supplier Snapfast, Flintshire Council and it’s third parties.