Greatham is a small village with a big history. Vision were approached to produce a bespoke line of light sources which could be retrofitted into the existing heritage style luminaires. Maintaining the historic feel, while utilising a high efficient light source.

Greatham first came to mention in 1196 and has since been mentioned in the Doomsday book. In 1273 the then Bishop of Durham overseen construction of the Hospital of God. For these, and many other reasons Greatham is rightly considered a historic site.

The two main routes which make up the village centre were fitted with heritage style lighting in keeping with the overall scene. However, over the 15 years the luminaires have been installed technology has moved on somewhat and was in serious need of updating.

Vision were approached initially to produce a bespoke line of LED retrofits as upgrades to be installed into the luminaires currently in situ. Bore from this development was the Vision Vega, an LED Retrofit system designed to convert into a number of current production luminaires to lED technology.

Vision replaced 42 of 150w & 70w wire wound light sources with 54w & 36w LED’s. Savings in excess of 3000 watts, and £1500.00 per annum were achieved.