Henry Colbeck

Henry Colbeck storage facility in Gateshead was in much need of a lighting upgrade, Vision were set to task on a full LED overhaul, looking at improved workforce conditions, safety & switching regimes.

Colbeck’s is the oldest supply aid to the take away industry in the UK, and the 20 year old facility has been dominated by 400w High Pressure Sodium lighting throughout.

Vision were brought in to consult with the workforce to come up with a design which catered to user & accountant alike. The 400w High Bays were replaced by 200w Vision Kamana Luminaire’s; equipped with 90CRI CREE XML LED’s wrapped with Aisle specific optics from LEDiL. This resulted in a much higher quality of light emitted; vastly improved colour rendition and light exactly where it is required.

In addition, the plant operates 24/7, so special attention was needed to how the space could work in a more organic fashion, tailored to the user. This would also see further opportunities to save energy, with each aisle being fitted with a Dali Protocolled PIR system, which works harmoniously with the Inventronics driver featured on the Kamana.

Projected savings for the project were estimated at anywhere up to 70% (around £8000 per annum), with a payback on the total works realised within 2 years. Pair this with the Kamana’s 12 year warranty and Colbeck can enjoy a further 10 years of savings.