Roker Illuminations

Now known as Sunderland Illuminations, “Roker Illuminations” began in 1935 when Sunderland Council passed approval for a ticketed light show in one of the cities parks. Only broken by the second World War, the illuminations have held this tradition today. One in which Vision Illumination are delighted to have been involved in.

The 2016 chapter of the illuminations utilised local young artists. Over 40 schools and youth groups from the local area were involved, giving young people a platform to design and produce their own installations, eventually exhibiting them at the park.

Although keeping up with tradition was in the planners hearts, Balfour Beatty (who now oversee the project) decided to break none but one; the use of incandescent or halogen light sources. Vision were entrusted, via our leading distributor Snapfast, to specify and supply guidance lighting and floodlighting for the entire project.With the idea that light would cut routes through the darkness, eventually revealing a piece of light art.


As the illuminations change with each year, the energy savings could not be exactly calculated. However during the design process, and with access to former inventory, we estimate a 75% plus savings across the whole project.