The Unit: 2B-Fit

2B-Fit is an independent fitness movement pioneered by entrepreneurs Ian Bickle & Stephen Brewis.The brand has recently unveiled its latest creation, The Unit, located in Co. Durham. Vision were enlisted to provide & install LED lighting & signage throughout the facility, with a brief which accounted for energy saving, overall atmosphere and brand ethics.

The Unit was in need of a total overhaul in terms of lighting. As 8ft & 5ft fluorescents dominated throughout, with a variety of dingy, yellow hue’s. This “yellowing” was further amplified by the neglected sky lights in the ceiling, which, like the rest of the space, needed some TLC.

With regards to the energy saving side of the brief, it was relatively simple. Electromagnetic controlled twin 8Ft fittings were replaced by 40w Vision Resat luminaires arranged in a more appropriate configuration; reducing the number of fittings required to light the space. Of the 16 fittings that were removed, 11 were installed and relocated offering superior task level lighting & uniformity. Office spaces received similar treatment, utilising Vision Arc2 linear luminaires throughout. Overall The Unit will see an 80% reduction in electricity consumed by lighting.

Special consideration was given to the importance of circadian lighting throughout the facility, particularly it’s energising effects on the brain and it’s ability to change a user’s mood. Specifically, a scheme which promoted the production of serotonin.

Many test examples referenced differed in conclusion of what is necessary for a true serotonin inducing installation, so we had to come up with some field experiments to accurately gauge what we could promote as an energising light. After various internal and external tests, along with consulting gym staff & members we were able to construct a collaborative specification for The Unit. Our results lead to installing bespoke 6000K 90CRI LED’s to the various Resat & Arc2’s in public areas of the gym, providing a heavy favour to the blue spectrum, while maintaining high colour rendition. Vision also raised the Lux level values set out in the British Standard to account for the time an average user spent in the gym/the amount of blue light required from our test results & references.

Test results were based on wether the user showed any positive reaction inside the test space after installation, and attributed the mood change directly to the lighting, as it was the only true variable in the experiment.

Another factor was Ian & Stephen’s pride in their brand being an independent venture; Wanting to pay direct homage to their clients and customers, who refer to The Unit as “The People’s Gym”. This lead to a bespoke signage concept which incorporated the traditional 2BFit logo, with a backdrop highlighting visual journey of 2B-Fit, The Unit & it’s community over the last 5 years.