UPGRADE YOUR LIGHTING WITH ZERO CAPITAL INVESTMENTWhether you need 100 fittings or 10,000, ProVision – Total Lighting Solutions is here to help. We will supply and install as many lighting fixtures as you need to completely upgrade your current inventory, replacing every light-fitting with our state-of-the-art LED technology, swapping those dingy yellow hues with crisp uniform street lighting.LET YOUR ENERGY SAVINGS DO THE RESTAs soon as they’re installed, you’ll start making energy savings totalling up to 75% off your current electricity bill, with further savings made from reduced maintenance costs. AND what’s more, you’ll only ever repay the amount that you save.SIT BACK & ENJOY THE BENEFITSOnce the payback period’s complete you’ll have the rest of the products’ ten year lifespan to enjoy cleaner, more efficient lighting for your parks, plazas and roadways.

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